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Quality computers built specifically for your needs.
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Antique Radio Styling

Tired of the same old boring computer styling?

Want something unique, and different? Looking for a computer that complements your room? This computer is as different as you will see, it's antique radio style, real wood with a Cherry finish, and quiet components make it perfect for your living area!

It is the perfect computer for a multimedia center, it can be set up with tv tuner cards for television recording, pause, skip. Store all your DVD's on your hard drive for easy playback, your complete photo and music collection, all displayed on a computer screen or a HDTV. It is available with Linux and MythTV, or Windows 7 with media center.

These systems are built to order, contact us with your questions and or requirements, and we build the computer specifically to suit your needs. All pre-installed software applications are full working versions, no trial-ware, no limited time restrictions, and no ad-ware.

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Low Cost Systems

Great computer system for every home.

If you already have a monitor, mouse and keyboard, $430.00 dollars gets you a computer tower (No monitor, mouse or keyboard). It is a very capable computer, and will handle the needs of the average computer user browsing the Internet, video chatting, email, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, database. and drawing, photo and image editing, simple video editing, and just about any other task the average computer user might need to do.

The bonus is these computers are guaranteed to be and remain virus free for the duration of the warranty. All pre-installed software applications are full working versions, no trial-ware, limited time restrictions, and no ad-ware. This is not a Windows computer. It is an openSUSE Linux computer, it is not compatible with your Windows based software or games. It does however come with hundreds of applications that are easily installed in the software manager.

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Midrange Systems

Most popular range of computers!

These computers will suit the needs of 90% of the computer users. They are of course capable of all your typical Internet, and office needs, plus have the ability to handle just about every computer game available today, and more serious audio, video editing and encoding.

Computers in this range start as low as $800.00 up to $1,100.00.All pre-installed software applications are full working versions, no trial-ware, limited time restrictions, and no ad-ware. Just in case you don't need Windows or would prefer Linux, we can Pre-Install Linux on any and all of our computers, of course it is worth mentioning that our Linux operating system machines come pre-installed with many more applications capable of doing just about anything you might want to do. But the best part is, not only will you get more software, but people who choose Linux instead of Windows subtract $100.00 from price!!

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Gaming and Graphics Systems

Starting to get serious about gaming and video work?

Tired of trying to play the latest games and getting poor frames rates, stuttering, and freezes? Or sitting for what seems like an eternaty waiting for CAD to render your work? How about sitting for hours waiting for that DVD rip to encode, or video to render?

There is nothing these computers can't do. Our basic model for $1,200.00 will handle everything and and anything you can throw at it with ease. From the most demanding games, to the most demanding video editing.

These machines are ideal for 3D modeling with the most demanding 3D CAD programs on the market. The six core processor, coupled with 6 gigs of memory and the Nvidia Fermi graphics card leaves you power to spare, serious video editors, 3D modeling, and gamers won't be dissapointed. But just in case you think you might want more, more is available. The sky is the limit with our gaming computers.

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