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Installing OpenSUSE

How to install openSUSE 11.1 step by step. This tutorial does not cover partitioning or dual boot systems. Tutorial includes links to downloads, written instructions, and a few recommended settings.

Change YaST Software Default Setting

How to change YaST Software management so it doesn't close after installing or removing software.

Adding Software Repositories Using YaST

A simple Tutorial on how to install new software repositories in YaST. Software repositories add thousands of applications to the software manager and also drivers for Nvidia, ATI, and other device drivers.

Installing Software in YaST

Installing software in openSUSE is a simple task that requires little more then searching for an application, selecting the application, and then clicking accept.

Installing Source Applications

Installing an application from source files. A brief video and tutorial on installing applications from source files.

Installing .bin, and .run files

Installing and running .bin files in a console, this tutorial uses Google Earth for an example.


Adjusting Fonts in KDE 4 for LCD Screen

KDE4 default font settings may not look as good as they possibly can on an LCD. This tutorial recommends some settings that may improve the overall appearance of fonts on your system, these are only recommendations.

Adjusting Panel Settings in KDE 4

Adjusting the KDE4 Panel Settings and adding icons and widgets to the Panel, otherwise known as the taskbar.

Dolphin File Manager

Using Split View in the Dolphin File Manager

Network File Sharing

How to enable password protected file sharing on a local area network, and open ports in the YaST Firewall so your shares can be seen and so your computer can see other computers on the network.

PDF Editing

A PDF Editor called PDFEDIT. A simple way to edit pdf files

Updates and Distribution Upgrades in Console

While you can use the software updater and YaST to update software, zypper is a powerful and faster way to accomplish these tasks. It also has the ability to "upgrade" the distribution rather then just update the software.