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The content on this page is aimed at the new openSUSE Linux user. These are Flash animated tutorials. The files are large and if the site is busy they may take time to load, so please be patient. I apologize that the animations couldn't be a little more dial up user friendly.
If you are a dial up user, just be patient, "eventually" the videos will load.


openSUSE 11.1 Tutorials

Dolphin File Manager


Click the image above to start the video

I was recently asked to show a couple features of the Dolphin file manager, specifically how to use a split window, and how to open a terminal in a directory.

1) We start by opening the Dolphin file manager, there is an icon for it in the panel, or in the favorites section of the application launcher.

2) In the toolbar there is an icon that is titled "Split". If you don't the the icon in the toolbar it can be accessed by clicking on the View menu in the toolbar and scrolling down and selecting Split

3) Click this icon and the file manager will be split into two windows.

4) You can now browse through the directorie in either view, and then caopy and paste between them, this is a very convienent way of file management instead of having multiple windows open.

5) To close the split view go back to the toolbar and click the Close icon, or in the View menu scroll down and click Close.

The next thing I was asked was how to open a console in the current directory. This can be easier for some folks to have the console open in whatever directory they are in rather then opening a seperate console and using the cd command.

1) To do this all you need to do is have Dolphin open to the directory you wish to open a terminal in, then simply press the F4 key.

2) To close the terminal, press the F4 key again.

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