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The content on this page is aimed at the new openSUSE Linux user. These are Flash animated tutorials. The files are large and if the site is busy they may take time to load, so please be patient. I apologize that the animations couldn't be a little more dial up user friendly.
If you are a dial up user, just be patient, "eventually" the videos will load.


openSUSE 11.1 Tutorials

Installing Software in YaST


Click the image above to watch the video tutorial.

In a previous Tutorial we went through adding software repositories in YaST. Now we will go through the installation of software YaST.

1) Go to the Application Launcher, go to the Computer tab, and click on YaST, enter your root password.

2) On the right hand side of the window, click the Software Management icon.

3) In the window that opens, we will go to the search box on the left hand side of the window, and type the name or type of software you want to install, for this tutorial I searched for and installed two items, samba, and MySQL. You can search for and install whatever particular application you want.

4) After typing what you want to seacrh for press the enter key, and on the right hand side look for the application you wish to install, put a check in the check box.

5) Now go to the lower right hand corner of the window and click accept. You may recieve a notification that other applications are needed and will be installed, click Continue and your software will begin to install. When it is finished the wondow will close and your new applications are ready to be used.

I mentioned mulitmedia codecs and browser plugins in this tutorial, if you want to view online content in the form of videos and music you will need to search for and install many other things, I also recommend a video player for system, and some other encoders, and development files you may need if you ever wish to try installing applications from source files. (That is another tutorial in the future) Below is a list of files you will need, and many more that I recommend.

Search for win32 and select


Search for mplayer and select





Search for ffmpeg and select

Search for xine and select





Search for k3b and select



Search for java and select

java 1_6_0

java 1_6_0-plugins

While in the java search right click and elect delete on the following



Rcomended for for future use

Search for "kernel" and select the items below

kernel source

kernel smys

kernel headers

Search for "make" and select the items below





Search for gcc and look for


When done making all of your selections you can click accept, and continue on the window that shows additional applications.

Thank you for choosing Its Your PC!

I appreciate your support and hope you find my work useful. If you have any questions or need help, visit the or the contact page on this site.

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