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The content on this page is aimed at the new openSUSE Linux user. These are Flash animated tutorials. The files are large and if the site is busy they may take time to load, so please be patient. I apologize that the animations couldn't be a little more dial up user friendly.
If you are a dial up user, just be patient, "eventually" the videos will load.


openSUSE 11.1 Tutorials

Upgrading all Software


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While you can update all the software on your system fairly easily in YaST there is an easier way.

To do this we use the zypper software utility inside a console.

To start we need to open a console from the Application Launcher.

Once the console is open we need to login as root, we do this by typing the command below

su (followed by root password)

Now that we are logged in as root we can have a look at all the options zypper has to offer by running the command below

zypper --help

We will start by refreshing all the software repositories so the system has a fresh list of all the software available, run the command

zypper ref

Once its done refreshing all the software repositories, if you want to see a list of updates you can run the command

zypper lu

Finally there are two different ways to proceed with the updates.

The first simply updates the available software

zypper up

The second, "upgrades" your openSUSE distribution to the latest software available.

zypper dup

This is the more risky of the two as system changes are made as opposed to just software changes. Which you use is your choice to make. You can read the zypper documentation and man page for more information on the differences at the site below.

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