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  • New Squad Truck

    Posted on 08/12/14

    The Fire Department was fortunate to receive a truck donated by the Wilbraham Fire Department. Alot of work was done to the truck, special thanks go to Paul Racicot of the Wales Highway department for fabrication of heavy steel front and rear bumpers, winch mounts, side step/crash rails, painting the inside of car, repairing dash panel, lining the bed, and many hours of labor, we would also like to thank Susan Hubble Whyte for assisting to get the truck into the Pathfinder Regional Vocational High School body shop. The students at the school did a incredible job of taking the truck from looking rough to looking brand new again, outstanding job, Thanks to everyone who assisted with the project.

  • Fuel Raffle

    Posted on 09/25/14

    The Wales Fire Association and Wales Fire Department members are selling tickets for the fuel 2014 fuel Raffle 10.00 a chance, it is a raffle for the home heating fuel of your choice. Have you got yours yet?! Contact the Department if your interested in purchasing a ticket!
    First Place $500 dollars
    Second Place $300 dollars
    Third Place $200 dollars

    Contact us for tickets>>
  • Chicken Barbecue

    Posted on 08/12/14

    Thanks for another great year!! We would like to thank eveyone who supported the Wales Fire Association by attending the Chicken Barbecue.

  • Massachusetts Fire Academy Training

    Posted on 09/25/14

    There is currently one member of our department attending the Massachusetts Fire Academy. Lt. Ed Fischer. When completed Lt. Fischer will have Fire Fighter one, and Fire Fighter two certifications, along with 24 hour Hazmat Certifications. If any others are interested in obtaining their certifications please contact the Cheif or Deputy Cheif.

    Contact Us>>
  • Safety and Fire Prevention

    Posted on 09/25/14

    Safety and Fire prevention should be practiced by people of all ages. Every household should have an escape plan and meeting point far away from their home. Each house should be numbered so as to be visible from the street. Smoke detectors should be installed on each level of the home and for every 1200 sq. ft of living space. Smoke detector batteries should be changed every six months. Carbon Monoxide detectors are now also required in all homes. These should also be on each finished level of the home. There also must be a detector placed within ten feet of all the bedroom doors. Each year Fire prevention week provides us with the opportunity to teach the public about Fire Prevention. Using a regional trailer designed to provide children the basics of fire safety the department will go the the elementary school and provide demonstrations about information to K-6 children. Below is a link to the SAFE fire house information page

    Safe Fire House>>


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